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VA Pilot Program

TransPac's VA flight training program prepares students to earn the same licenses and ratings as the Career Pilot Program. Minor changes have been incorporated to the curriculum to ensure that the program is eligible for Montgomery GI Bill benefits. Those benefits reimburse eligible US Military Veterans 60% of the cost of approved program hours. TransPac's Admissions Department assists you with the required VA paperwork and works to ensure that you receive the maximum allowable benefit.

Graduates of the Core Module will obtain all licenses and ratings required to become a fully qualified commercial pilot. The Instructor Module enables students to earn their flight instructor ratings, allowing them to increase their experience through flight instruction.


Private Pilot

12 Weeks


Instrument Rating

15 Weeks


Commercial Multi-Engine

10 Weeks


72.0 Ground School Hours 75.0 Ground School Hours 72.0 Ground School Hours
26.0 Instructor Briefing Hours 21.0 Instructor Briefing Hours 20.0 Instructor Briefing Hour
5.0 Simulator - Dual Hours 20.0 Simulator - Dual Hours 10.0 Simulator - Dual Hours
55.0 Single-Engine - Dual Hours 75.0 Single-Engine - Dual Hours 38.0 Multi-Engine - Dual Hours
10.0 Single-Engine- Solo Hours 10.0 Single-Engine- Solo Hours
2.0 Single-Engine- Checkride Hours 2.0 Single-Engine- Checkride Hours 2.0 Multi-Engine- Checkride Hours
FAA Written Exam FAA Written Exam FAA Written Exam
FAA Examiner Fee FAA Examiner Fee FAA Examiner Fee
Core Module Estimated Total: $55,770*

Instructor Rating MODULE

2 Weeks $3,160*

15.0 Ground School Hours
5.0 Instructor Briefing Hours
9.0 Single-Engine - Dual Hours
2.0 Singe-Engine - Checkride Hours
FAA Examiner Fee

CFI Initial

8 Weeks


CFI Instrument

3 Weeks


CFI Multi-Engine

3 Weeks


40.0 Ground School Hours 15.0 Ground School Hours 15.0 Ground School Hours
50.0 Instructor Briefing Hours 10.0 Instructor Briefing Hours 10.0 Instructor Briefing Hours
1.0 Simulator - Dual Hours
24.0 Single-Engine - Dual Hours 15.0 Single-Engine - Dual Hours 15.0 Multi-Engine - Dual Hours
2.0 Single-Engine - Checkride Hours 2.5 Single-Engine - Checkride Hours 2.0 Multi-Engine - Checkride Hours
FAA Written Exam (x2) FAA Written Exam  
FAA Examiner Fee(x2) FAA Examiner Fee FAA Examiner
Instructor Module Estimated Total: $25,437*
VA Program Estimated Totals
∗ Prices current as of May 1, 2014.


FAA designated examiners are not employees of TransPac. Students pay the examiner directly for the cost of each check ride, typically $500.

The Montgomery GI Bill does not cover the Private Pilot License Course, but may cover up to 60% of the approved costs of the other courses listed.

Books and Supplies are normally purchased as a package during enrollment. The particular supplies you require will vary depending on your curriculum. If you were to take the Core and Instructor Modules, you should plan to spend about $1,500 for books, supplies, uniforms and an aviation headset. You will not be required to purchase any books or supplies that you already own, as long as they are current.

∗ The courses outlined are based on typical student performance. Individual student progress can affect actual course hours and duration. Students requiring less training would receive a refund of all unused tuition. Students requiring additional training would be billed at the regular hourly rates for aircraft, instructors, etc.

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