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Come learn to fly with TransPac Aviation Academy! We feature state-of-the-art facilities, a large fleet of over 60 well-maintained modern aircraft, an ample supply of high quality instructors and a highly efficient scheduling system that all work together to ensure that you get the most out of your training every day.

Our "Valley of the Sun" campuses provide excellent flying weather year round. Our location is known for its spectacular scenery and offers world renowned recreational opportunities which you can enjoy while preparing for your aviation career in a challenging, fast-paced flight training program. Your training at TransPac will be both enjoyable and professionally rewarding.

Since 1999 TransPac Aviation Academy has graduated over 5,000 pilots, many of whom are currently employed by the largest airlines in the world. With over 400 students on campus flying 80,000+ flight training hours a year, we are one of the largest flight schools in the world. This volume of training has allowed us to perfect our training syllabus and instructional techniques. We employ a student management structure that includes dedicated class managers and a low student-to-instructor ratio that ensures each student receives the individual attention they deserve.

Large pilot shortages will occur over the next decade, as commercial aviation enters what is expected to be one of the longest and most extensive periods of pilot hiring in the history of the industry. Now is the time to learn to fly if you want to take advantage of this rare opportunity. Let us put our experience to work for you while preparing for your exciting and rewarding career as a commercial pilot! Please visit our career page for more information.

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