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Our Simulators

Flight Simulators

Simulators are a cost effective means of providing instruction and are very effective when used in conjunction with in-aircraft flight training. A simulator concentrates and focuses the training time in ways that are not possible in actual airplanes. There is no need to start the aircraft, there are no air traffic control or weather delays and you can move to any desired training location instantly. If a student is having difficulty mastering a maneuver the simulator can be paused for discussion or evaluation purposes, and specific lessons can be practiced many times in a short period of time.

Additionally, simulator training can provide the new pilot with exposure to conditions that would be difficult or unadvisable to seek out in an actual aircraft. Severe weather and aircraft system failures can be realistically simulated, providing the student with valuable experience. Simulator training isn't just cost effective, it is an essential part of a high quality flight training program. TransPac's top of the line simulator fleet coupled with our experienced flight instructors makes TransPac the best flight school to begin your aviation career!

Frasca TruFlite -- FTD

Our Fleet

The Frasca TruFlite™ flight training device can be configured as either a twin-engine Piper Seminole or a single-engine Piper Archer. The conversion between setups can be accomplished in minutes. The TruFlite™ fleet is equipped with the actual Garmin GNS 430 GPS units found in our Piper aircraft fleet, enhancing training realism. With the ability to simulate realistic weather conditions, aircraft equipment failures and instrument approaches at hundreds of airports, the Frasca TruFlite™ is ideal for honing your instrument flying skills.

Redbird FMX -- AATD

The Redbird FMX is a high-quality, feature-rich motion Advanced Aviation Training Device. Boasting advanced features such as high quality wrap-around visuals, a fully enclosed cockpit, and motion, the FMX takes flight simulation training to a new level. The Redbird FMX system stores pilot information, records instructor notes and provides recordings of the student's flight for use during debrief sessions, all greatly enhancing the student's learning experience.

King Air Simulator

King Air Simulator

The King Air simulator sports the same features as the simulators operated by many airlines. Utilized in advanced turbine and airline transition courses, this full motion, level "C" simulator with 180 degree wrap around visuals is ideally suited for emergency procedure and crew resource management training as well as all-weather operations simulation.

CRJ200 -Flight Training Device

CRJ200 Flight Training Device

The CRJ-200 simulator is a level 5 Flight Training Device that simulates the popular Canadair Regional Jet operated by many airlines around the world. Equipped with a "glass cockpit", flight computer and electrical and mechanical systems found on all of today's airliners, the CRJ-200 simulator is the perfect classroom for teaching students how to operate these complex aircraft just like the airlines do.

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