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TransPac Aviation Academy

Mission Statement & Quality Policy:

TransPac Aviation Academy provides world-class, comprehensive flight training to airline-sponsored and individual students cultivating excellence in an environment of continuous improvement. Graduates of TransPac Aviation Academy are pilots with superior knowledge, technical skills, character, and professionalism - confident and ready for a productive and successful aviation career.

TransPac's Objective is to be Recognized and Respected:

By our Airline Clients and Students for producing career ready, professional pilots, on time and within budget; while providing a safe, high quality and well-rounded educational experience.

By our Certified Flight Instructors as a structured professional environment in which to gain the experience and flight hours necessary to further their aviation careers; and to be highly regarded and sought after by the airline industry as a TransPac CFI.

By our Associates as a successful and stable organization in which to grow professionally, and that provides a culture of continuous improvement by rewarding performance, encouraging talent and supporting personal growth.

By our Agents as the highest quality provider of Ab-Initio training in the United States, that provides strong marketing and sales support, and competitive commissions.

By our regulators as a highly structured and rigorously managed academy, with the proper control procedures documented, in place, and operating as intended, to assure compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.

By our community as an organization that provides local jobs, infuses capital into the local market, values and listens to its constituents, and gives back through aviation related community service.

By our investors as a sound investment with "best in industry" operating practices, that consistently produces a substantial return on investment.

By our suppliers as a demanding yet reasonable customer with strong credit and a consistent remittance schedule.

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