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Meet a Flight School Graduate!

Over the years TransPac Aviation Academy has graduated thousands of licensed pilots who are now working for airlines around the world. Here are just a few success stories.

We offer courses from Private Pilot training through Airline Transport Pilot (ATP). If learning aviation is your passion, click here for more information on our programs.

David Yamauchi

  • Graduated: May 2007
  • Based: Honolulu
  • Hired by American Eagle Nov 2007
  • First Officer Saab 340, Embraer 145
  • Hired by Hawaiin Airlines Dec 2011
  • First Officer Boeing 767

When I was looking to pursue a flying career there were a few different flight schools that I was considering. Some of the factors that set Transpac apart from the rest were the resources they had available to me as a pilot in training. One being the amount of planes they had available to train with. I rarely had a training flight cancelled due to a lack of planes. Also the ground training facilities and knowledgeable staff showed me that they were serious in training professional pilots and want their students to succeed.

They did as they advertised. They provided me an effective way to complete my training. Once I completed my training, they offered me the opportunity to come back and work as a flight instructor. I can also say that the level of training that I have received from Transpac fully prepared me to succeed with my current employer.

Working with the professional staff at Transpac was one highlight of my time there. They were always there to help during training and even to get you a job at an airline. Also the friendships that I gained while I was a student and also while I was a flight instructor."

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Scot Tillinghast

  • Graduated: September 2006
  • Hired by SkyWest Airlines
  • First Officer CRJ 200/700/900

When I decided to start looking at flight schools in the Phoenix area there were a lot to choose from. I toured many schools and when I toured Trans Pac Academy I was really impressed. Their staff was very professional and helpful.  The aircraft were in great shape and mostly new.   When I toured their maintenance department I knew it was the school for me. Trans Pac has the most clean and organized maintenance departments I’ve seen in Phoenix.

The Professional Pilot program was as advertised and I finished right on schedule and budget. Since I was a veteran of the United States Army I was also enrolled in the Trans Pac Professional Pilot VA Program. I recommend this program to all veterans' as it help me cut the total cost of the program down around $21,000

With all the tools and knowledgeable Instructors available to me I was able to achieve my goal of landing a job at a regional airline within 1 year and 10 months of starting the program and that included my time as a Trans Pac Flight Instructor. It really was faster and for sure!"

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Travis Cook

My aviation career began at Deer Valley Airport in 2002 when TransPac Aviation was still Pan Am Flight Academy. I had no flying experience and knew very little about the airline industry. What appealed to me was that everyone enrolled in the school had the common goal of becoming a professional pilot.

It took 18 rigorous months for me to get through the program to acquire my commercial and flight instructor licenses. I was then hired by the school as a flight instructor to help new students learn how to fly. It took a year and a half to log enough time for me to apply for my first airline job.

Interviewing for an airline requires a lot of preparation, but fortunately I had offers from two great airlines. Ultimately SkyWest Airlines was a better fit for me with most of the domiciles being located in the Western half of the United States.

I was hired into the right seat of the Brasilia, a 30-seat turboprop. This kind of flying proved to be some of the most challenging time I have logged. After a year I was awarded a transfer to the right seat of the CRJ. The CRJ broadened my exposure to busier airports, different kinds of weather and more complex descent planning. After about two-and-a-half years I had accrued enough experience and seniority to hold a captain position back on the Brasilia.

The experience of upgrading was very empowering. My biggest surprise was that I learned more as a captain than I did as a first officer.

Just before my five year anniversary with SkyWest I was invited to participate in the interview process with Delta Air Lines. After two days of interviews and testing, I got the handshake and letter of conditional employment. I would later describe the experience as winning the career lottery.

I have flown the right seat of the Douglas DC-9 since October of 2010. By December of 2012 the last DC-9 will be retired and I will switch to another aircraft."

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