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In addition to exceptional weather for flight training, Arizona has more than its share of recreational opportunities.Look forward to experiencing the captivating views of Arizona's rolling mountains, the spectacular saguaro forests of the Sonoran Desert, the vibrant beauty of Sedona's red-rock buttes and the sun-drenched valley. From the training cockpit, the views will astound you.

When taking a break from flight training, Phoenix offers a rich array of culture, entertainment and nearby travel opportunities. The Phoenix-metro area is home to over 27 museums, seven art galleries, six cultural attractions, and 15 performing arts venues. The mountain ranges that surround the city reveal ancient petroglyphs and the occasional artifact from the city's original native inhabitants. Phoenix also boasts premier shopping and entertainment venues.

The Valley of the Sun is ideally located for day or weekend trips to the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and the red rocks of Sedona. It's just a 2 ½ hour drive to Flagstaff for skiing or 6 hour drive to Los Angeles or San Diego for weekend beach time. The lights of the Las Vegas strip come into view about 5 hours after leaving the Valley by car — even less by air.

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