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International Flight Training

TransPac Aviation Academy is a world leader in international flight training!

The following information will assist students in preparing for their arrival at TransPac Aviation Academy. TransPac's Admissions Department holds a one-on-one consultation with each enrolling student to review the information below and answer all of your questions.

M-1 Student Visa

Students who are not US citizens are required to obtain an M-1 student visa prior to beginning their training at TransPac Aviation Academy. The visa process consists of the following steps:

  1. TransPac Aviation Academy's Admissions Department holds a telephone consultation with the student to gather required information and review the visa process.
  2. TransPac Aviation Academy applies for an I-20 on the student's behalf.
  3. TransPac Aviation Academy mails the I-20 to the student.
  4. Student applies to the local US Consulate or Embassy for their visa interview. The student can arrange for the interview while the I-20 is in transit, but the visa interview date must be at least ten days after the date the I-20 was applied for to allow sufficient time for the student to receive the I-20.
  5. Student will pay $200 on-line for the I-20 at Step by step instructions are provided on the web site. As proof of payment the student will receive an I-901 form.
  6. Student attends the visa interview at the local US Consulate or Embassy, making sure to arrive with all required documentation.
  7. Student receives passport with visa.

The following web link contains useful information concerning the M-1 student visa application:


Each student will be responsible for paying the following fees for services required prior to beginning class:

SEVIS fee for I-20 $200
US Embassy/Consular visa fee $390
US Transportation Safety Administration fee $130 (per license/rating)
Finger printing fee $99
US Federal Aviation Administration medical exam $90 to $130

Medical Exam

Prior to starting training each student will be required to obtain a US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airman Medical Certificate. Although a medical certificate can be obtained in the US, it is strongly recommended that each student obtain their First Class US FAA Airman Medical Certificate prior to traveling to the US to ensure that they are medically fit to begin training upon arrival. Designated FAA Medical Examiners that are authorized to issue US FAA Airman Medical Certificates are located in many countries outside of the United States. Locate one in your country at the following link:

Health and Accident Insurance

Prior to beginning flight training each student must provide proof of health and accident insurance that will cover the student during their entire stay in the US. International Student Insurance specializes in providing insurance to students studying abroad. Here is a link to their website:


Please see the housing page for information on locating suitable accommodations.

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