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Career Program

Career Pilot Program

In as little as a year you can get paid to do what you love - flying! The Career Pilot Program is a full time program geared to those seeking a professional pilot career in the shortest possible time. All graduates will earn their Commercial Pilot License and Instructor Ratings. The program can be fully tailored to accommodate students with prior flight training.

US Military Veterans should check out our VA Program which is Montgomery GI Bill benefit eligible.

Program Breakdown
Total Hours: 308 Hours
Single Engine Aircraft: 207 Hours
Multi Engine Aircraft: 46 Hours
Flight Training Device: 55 Hours
Duration: 13 Months

VA Program

Veterans Program

Our VA Program is a variation of the Career Pilot Program that is Veterans Administration benefits eligible. Graduates of this program will earn their Commercial Pilot License and Instructor Ratings just like in the Career Pilot Program. VA benefits will reimburse up to 60% of the cost of approved program hours. If you have Post 9/11 benefits our college degree programs will provide the best options for your benefits.

Program Breakdown
Total: 292 Hours
Single Engine Aircraft: 199 Hours
Multi Engine Aircraft: 57 Hours
Flight Training Device: 36 Hours
Duration: 14 Months

Aviation Degree Programs

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TransPac Aviation Academy

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At TransPac Aviation Academy, our highly trained and skilled instructors can guide you to the aviation career you've always wanted. We are a professional flight school focusing on students with the desire to pursue a professional pilot career. We offer full time academy style aviation training.

Located under the sunny skies of Phoenix, Arizona, TransPac Aviation Academy training programs are a great opportunity to launch your pilot career while training in an enjoyable resort location. Our superior weather permits us to fly an average of 360 days a year!

Arizona offers more than just great weather. Phoenix also provides a varied and challenging flight training environment. TransPac students are able to practice at thirteen different airports in the immediate Phoenix area and get exposure to the complex Class B airspace surrounding the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. The southwestern United States is populated with a wide selection of destinations for cross country training. In addition, our campuses located within a short flying distance of our visual practice areas so that valuable training time is not wasted in transit.

TransPac's large fleet of over 60 Piper Archers and Piper Seminoles are maintained by our staff of highly qualified A&P mechanics in TransPac's own FAA certified maintenance facility. The large size of our fleet combined with in-house maintenance facilities and staff means that we have plenty of airplanes ready for maximum flight operations every day. Our students don't wait for aircraft to become available.

TransPac Aviation Academy

TransPac is also proud of our highly trained corps of instructors. Each one of our instructors is required to attend an initial training course that ensures all of our students receive standardized instruction that conforms to our high standards. Once instructors hit the line and begin working with students, they are required to complete on-going training and proficiency checks to ensure that our instructors are the best in the industry!

Instructing is a great way to gain flight time and experience to make a pilot more competitive for their next flight job. The good news for our students is that we are always looking for high quality instructors! TransPac trains over 350 international students per year that return to their home country after earning their commercial pilot license. That means that we have plenty of opportunities for our own graduates to become flight instructors right here at TransPac.

Great weather, high aircraft availability and superior instructors mean that you will be able to maximize your aviation training every day at TransPac Aviation Academy. Our students go from zero experience to a fully qualified commercial pilot in ten months or less. Once done with training, TransPac offers exciting opportunities to advance your career. Let us turn your dream of becoming a professional pilot into reality!

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